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Monday, June 18, 2007

New Wedding Stamps!

Since the rate hike a few weeks ago, there have been no wedding-themed stamps from the USPS! Sadly, brides have been forced to use the ugly Liberty Bell 'Forever' stamp or the 'blah' Flag or Jamestown stamps on their beautiful wedding invitations:

These new pretty wedding stamps will be available on June 27th! While I don't think they're as cute as the old pink and green ones, they'll do the job. Like the old ones, they'll come in two for your heavy envelope and one for the lighter response card.
From the USPS:
The artwork on the Wedding Hearts stamps was created by illustrator Nancy Stahl, who based her designs on memories of a wide range of intertwined objects, including silver charms and old-fashioned garden gates. The one-ounce denomination features a light purple background, while the two-ounce denomination features a light pink background.

Hurrah for the Post Office!



  • Hi Laura,

    Great topic! I want to let you know that brides have other options too for wedding stamps besides the standard USPS choices.

    Check out this site and you'll find hundreds of wedding monogram stamps, wedding image stamps, and wedding phrase stamps:

    Wedding Stamps

    By Anonymous Wedding Stamps, at 14/7/07 3:40 PM  

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