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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hot colors for 2007

Sometime last year I posted a poll about wedding color trends on After obsessively checking it every few days and being disappointed in the number of voters, I forgot about it. Only a few days ago I went back to check and found that 88 people had voted! Here's the results:

Apparently over a third of people think that raspberry and chocolate are going to be hot this year. I haven't had any brides choose this scheme yet, but it sounds lovely! The runner-up was fuschia and lime, which I chose for my own wedding and have seen a handful of times. I still think tangerine and sunflower are going to hit it big but maybe that's being saved for 2008!

It's not too late to vote on this poll. What are your wedding colors?

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  • Definitely pink and green for me, and I'm toying with the idea of bringing some orange into the mix with the flowers. Not the bouquets, but maybe the centrepieces. I love how pink and orange look together!

    By Blogger Laura, at 3/6/07 2:29 PM  

  • My cousin Jess's wedding had a chocolate and raspberry theme with small touches of yellow. It was a beautiful color scheme that I would definitely love to see repeated!

    By Anonymous Justine, at 3/6/07 8:25 PM  

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