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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Inspiration Board: Outdoor Elegance

Rustic elements contribute both a texture and casual dimension to your decor - even in the most formal of weddings.

row 1: centerpiece | chalk board | dress | barn | favors
row 2: lighting
| bride | escort cards | bride & groom
row 3: musician
| tables | votives | fireplace
row 4: invitation
| candles | cupcakes | plants | carriage

This post is dedicated to my best friend and her fiancé who have booked a barn for their September wedding. Their unusual use of a clean, artistic space gives the ultimate flexibility in personalizing their wedding.

To the untrained eye, a barn venue could suggests the presence of livestock, red gingham, or early morning rooster calls. HOWEVER, as urban areas sprawl further outside city lines, many barns are converting to more civilized ways of life, including special event venues, art galleries, or every city dweller's favorite, bed and breakfasts.

How do you transform a rustic, blank canvas to something completely your own?

1) Lighting.
Simply stated, lighting is one of the most cost effective ways of decorating. Comparatively, you would have to use many times more flowers than lights to create the same effect.

2) Unique rentals.
Don't recreate the typical escort card table you find in every hotel - ask your florist if he/she has something more creative to loan you. Maybe you can find better options for a cake or gift table, bars, or favor displays.

3) Transportation.
One bride I spoke with had a wedding just after Christmas (Dec. 27) and offered her guests a real treat - sleigh rides from the wedding to the reception. Trolley rides or vintage cabs could immerse your guests in the feel of your event, depending on the theme.

4) Entertainment.
DJs can provide nearly any atmosphere, so work with your DJ to find the music selection for your reception, but your options don't end there. Maybe a strolling acoustic guitar, jazz trio, string quartet, or live band would provide the best ambiance. All musicians are amplified these days, so don't limit yourself!

And as always, have fun!



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