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Friday, May 11, 2007

Placecard Inspiration

Tired of the same old, boring placecards? The ones above are pretty standard for most weddings and definitely are in dire need of a facelift! Here are some unique ideas to make your placecard table pop while keeping your guests talking about how creative you are.

Cocktail umbrellas with flags:
Mini buckets with a few blooms and a Peep to hold the name:
Apple candles with "leaves" pinned on top:
Folded cardstock 'seats' to hold seating cards:
The ever-popular votive placecard is still a hit with guests and adds to the decor:
(note - be sure you get cylindrical votives with vertical edges instead of the angled ones)
Fresh pears make an adorable presentation for smaller weddings:
Colored glass bottles pull in a middle eastern feel:
Standard placecards can be dressed up with ribbons and placed atop a beautiful floral arrangement:
Paper flowers add color and whimsy:
If you'd like to be more unique with your placecards, you'll want as much time as possible to finish the details before the wedding. Therefore, put your RSVP date a week earlier than you were going to and be sure to call all non-responsive guests as soon as that date passes. Most brides who



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