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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

BlumeBox Blooms!

Considering purchasing vases or another container for your DIY centerpieces? Or is your florist charging you an obscene amount so you can keep the glassware they provide? Or are you just looking for something unique? Consider BlumeBox!

These little boxes come flat and easily pop into a box shape. Fill a plastic bag with water, place your floral arrangement inside, and voila! Don't forget the boxes are easily decorated with craft supplies (ribbons, sequins, or lace, anyone?) and they're 100% recyclable since the water never touches the cardboard. At $4-$5 per box, they're a steal!

Best feature? Your guests can simply lift the flowers and bag out of the box and take the arrangement home after the reception. No more centerpieces in the trash!

Here's some fun ways you can dress up your BlumeBoxes:



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